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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do the freemasons and pyrates want to murder Dr. Ovadje by freezing?: 'a civilised method'

Dr. J. A. T. Ovadje
7 November 2005
Mr. Tony Blair
Prime Minister of the U.K.
10 Downing Street
London SW1
Dear Sir: Do the freemasons and pyrates want to murder Dr. Ovadje by freezing? ‘a civilised method!’
Do the freemasons and pyrates confraternity want to murder Dr. Ovadje by a ‘civilised method!’ instead of bombs like al-queda?

My wife and I bought the house at the above address in 1998and lived there. Unfortunately, we separated mainly by the actions of satanic cults: freemasons and pyrates. I was forced to leave the home and went to Nigeria in February 2001.

Apart from a brief visit in February 2003 (in which I did not stay in the house), I have never been in the U.K. until February 2005 when I returned. On my return in Feb 2005, I stayed at a different address, 48 Courtland Avenue, Ilford IG1. I moved into 126 Chadwell Heath Lane on October 7th.

I have explained to the officials of London Energy that I was not even in the country not to talk of incurring bills. When I left in 2001, there was no London Energy only London Electricity.

I contacted London Energy immediately on moving in. I sent all the documentation they asked for including copies of my passport, tenancy agreement at Courtland Avenue, police letter etc. At first, London Energy officials including Mr. Collin Hughes, Ms Michelle of their Exeter office claimed they had doubts my passport and that it was possibly a fake. I am not sure why they did not call the police or the immigration services for passport fraud or sending false copies of documents, as was alleged. The issue just gets tossed about on the phone.

After more than a week without results, I contacted Energy-watch. It took another week for an Energy-watch official phoned me to say London Energy is now satisfied that I was not in the U.K. from Feb 2001 to Feb 2005 and from Feb 2005 to Oct 2005, I was resident at Courtland Avenue Ilford therefore I did not incur any bills.

I am yet to receive any documentation whatsoever from London Energy or Energy-watch or be connected with electricity after one month. I have been living without electricity for one month and I depend on it for heating. One can only ask if separation from a spouse a crime? Even the courts accept separation. The other power companies I contacted more than 3 weeks ago have not even sent me forms!

I have spoken against satan and its embassies the terrorist cults freemasons and pyrates. They murder, maim and intimidate. In Nigeria, their members gunned down my brother a solicitor who ran for elections on an anti-corruption platform, in order to continue stealing public oil money. My brother was only one of an estimated 5-10,000, murdered in order for a cultist government to rule, thereby making Mugabe (who only fiddles figures with less than 10 deaths) a saint.

It does not take Sherlock Holmes to know who is stopping London Electricity from writing me and to take my issue seriously. Whereas their Nigerian Counterparts opt for the AK47 , those in the U.K. prefer ‘civilised’ and ‘non-traceable’ murder: hypnotism to drown, endocrine damage by light (affecting REM sleep and hormone secretion) and now cold.

I have been falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted. The hearing is due in a few days. Preventing me from getting electricity could be a way of blocking my internet research and computer work as I am defending myself in court as I have no solicitor.

A member of the freemasons confessed that the cult uses public and private institutions especially the criminal justice system and the bank manager to frustrate people. Hypnotism, poisoning and other methods are employed.

But which member of these ‘powerful’ cults including Prince Edward the leader of freemasons, is sure of being alive tomorrow? Which of them will take electricity and a bulb to the grave? The following passage from Psalms 37 verses 35-6 and 39 verse 6, is a warning:
I have seen the wicked triumphant, towering like a cedar of Lebanon
I passed again, he was gone. I searched he was nowhere to be found.
A mere breath the man who stood so firm. A mere breath the riches he hoards.
He cannot buy life without end. Nor avoid coming to the grave

By their actions they are simply fulfilling the scriptures which state that satan’s only mission is to steal, kill and destroy. Causing harm is cheap as anyone can do that. The bible says real power belongs to those who can do the more difficult things of life: to love, to build, to care for the needy, orphans and widows.

I thank God for the power of the Blood of Jesus by whom we are redeemed and by whom I am able to stand. God has mercifully kept the night temperatures at 10 degrees or above in November! All praise to His Name. Amen.

I would appreciate your intervention in this matter. Many thanks.
J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)

126 Chadwell Heath Lane • Romford • RM6 4AE


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