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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Letter to Prime Minister Blair August 31 2005


August 31 2005

Mr. Tony Blair

Prime Minister of the U.K.

10 Downing Street

London SW1

Dear Sir : Terrorist organizations: freemasons and pyrates vs Dr. Ovadje & family and all true christians. The bible says Let my people go.

I know that you are a Christian and a good man. God can use you. As you are already aware, the satanic cults especially the freemasons and pyrates confraternity are in many nations of the earth holding true believers of God especially born again Christians (and other religious faith) in bondage.

A number of Christians joined those organisations in their younger years. They have now seen the light of God. Other Christians were born to parents who belong top these satanic cults. All want to leave and break these bonds but are held back by the threats, blackmail (of previous indiscretions before they became true Christians) intimidation and murder which will likely follow.

The Bible says in John chapter 8 verse 36: whosoever the Son (Jesus) sets free is free indeed. The law of the land, the Human Rights Acts of 1998 gives everyone the freedom of association and the right to refuse to associate.

Why should I be murdered simply because I refuse to belong to a satanic cult? Why must my family be torn apart, my son’s corpse seized and doctors refuse to treat me simply because I refuse to belong and do not recognise any power other than God? I do not claim all holiness, for only God is Holy but certainly I will never associate with satanic cults by the Grace of God.

Why should my brother who refused to be a cultist be murdered in Nigeria, for seeking to clean a corrupt system run by members of these satanic cults.

God wants His people set free. He wants an inquiry into these cults and an open system allowing for His people to walk away from bondage.

As Haman who was powerful in the court of the king sought to destroy the people of God (Jews) in the book of Esther in the Bible, so have these satanic cults, influential in the court of the rich and ‘powerful,’ terrorised true believers of God in the United Kingdom and worldwide. But all power belongs to God and all men mere sand, their bodies ultimately fodder for maggots. The graveyard is full of powerful and indispensable men.

God says the evil perpetrated by these ambassadors of lucifer is enough. God wants a full parliamentary and judicial inquiry so that his people can be free; so that the Freedom of Association in the Human Rights Act is not mere paper but true. Slavery disappeared centuries ago. The period of bondage is over.

As the Bible says in Psalm 119 verse 46: I will speak of your will before kings and not be abashed. I believe you have had time to reflect on the issues raised in my letter to you of 06/06/05. Once again, I list these issues below:

1. Constitute a public enquiry (parliamentary and judicial) into secret cults including the freemasons pyrates confraternity and others.

2. The freemasons and other cults should be compelled to make public all the ways, methods and means of poisoning and harming people, whether physical or psychological.

3. The cults must undertake never to harm anyone with the senior officials of such cults being held personally responsible for any harm done or suspected to be done to any member of the public.

4. All cults (and indeed all groups) must maintain an open registry available to the public, on-line and otherwise, showing the names of all members and the offices these members hold, public or private.

5. Every member must be free to leave at any time. Any member choosing to leave can send a notification to the government department responsible for societies and organizations who will note this request and demand a written letter from the officials of such society confirming that such member has had his/her membership cancelled and is under no obligation to the society. The officials of the society will be responsible for the safety of such member who cancels their membership.

6. Review of all patients in the psychiatric wards. Many may have physical illnesses caused by secret cults and have been ‘put’ there, with or without the connivance of the health staff e.g. chronic and slow dehydration and vitamin deficiency unnoticed by the victim causing depression.

7. A full and detailed investigation of how the life and government of a country like the U.K. can be ground to a halt by secret cults. This includes all government departments, ranging from the criminal justice system, health, postal services etc to private organisations.

8. A review of all cases of drowning to exclude involvement of secret cults.

9. A special helpline and office for assisting people who are or believe they are being harmed by secret cults.

Our faithful God has gain put satan to shame and kept me alive and well despite an attack planned for last Bank Holiday weekend by these satanic cults.

Sir, it is God who has kept you and everyone alive and put you in your position as Prime Minister. God wants you and everyone (including myself) to fear Him more than we do satan and its agents. God wants His agenda to be your agenda. So that He will forgive all of us our sins and heal our land (2nd Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14).

Finally, I would like to meet with you Sir and hereby request an appointment. I hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks.


J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)




Blogger Veronica said...

I have only just come across this website and letter. I fully agree with all that you have said regarding secret societies and cult's. In your letter, above, I think you have made some very good points about The Freemasons and how their 'secrets' should be known to all (especially as certain Freemason members see it vital that the public agree with thir views on being a part of the 'community' and not at all secret!!). Did Mr.Blair reply to your letter? Would be nice to talk further regarding these issues, as they're indeed 'issues' that all need to realise and talk action on!!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Do reply by email on:

7:28 AM  

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