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Monday, July 03, 2006

Letter to Prince Edward grandmaster of the freemasons

Dr. J. A. T. Ovadje

April 22 2006

Prince Edward, Grand Master of freemasons
freemasons Hall
60 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AZ

Dear Sir: Attacks by satanic and terrorist cults, the freemasons and pyrates. I ask you to stop now in the Sweet & Mighty Name of Jesus the Redeemer.

1.On Thursday 30/03/06 at about 19:15 hours, I stood on the kerb at Chadwell Heath holding a poster. The police drove past quietly and no one was breaking the law. Suddenly two youths approached me on behalf of the freemasons demanding to know why I held a poster indicating that freemasons killed my beloved brother, Ejoke Ovadje a solicitor. I refused to answer them. They went to the BT phone booth opposite to make a call. The next thing I knew, they attacked me and snatched my glasses from my eyes. I could have chased them but considering the fast moving traffic, they could have been run over by the cars. I certainly do not want blood on my hands (like the freemasons) so I left them. If you have any doubts, ask the police to confirm from the CCTV at Chadwell Heath.
If the boys had been run over by the cars (God forbid), freemasons cannot replace the lives (as only God gives life, not satan) and the families would not be given millions of pounds in compensation for ‘death in active evil service’. At the end of the day, satan will always use anyone including its own agents and dump them without pay.

I did not bother to report the matter to the police for the following reason: You may recall that your organization in collusion with the masonic sorry, Metropolitan Police sponsored Ms. Sarah Draper firstly to poison me repeatedly, then on 23/04/05 batter me with more than forty blows and kill me by knifing me in the carotid arteries of my neck. You used the police including Sir Ian Blair the Police Commissioner and the legal system including the Crown Prosecution Service and the Attorney General of the U.K. Lord Goldsmith, to try to cover it up. The policemen that attended the emergency said they cannot investigate severe violence and attempted murder on a Saturday night! They even refused to ask for the six-inch blade knife that she pressed against my throat. Lord Goldsmith closed his eyes to the perversion of justice by Sir Ian Blair’s force. The Home Secretary and Prime Minister kept mute. MI5 shied away. But God delivered me for the umpteenth time from the clutches of satan and its tentacles including the freemasons hence I was not killed.

2. On a cold rainy night (at 21:30 hours) two weeks earlier, I walked home on Chadwell Heath Lane. A boy of about ten rode his bike ahead of me dropping chemicals i.e. spiritually he was practising witchcraft. I felt really sorry for him and wondered what would happen if he slipped on the wet road and (God forbid) he got hit by the fast moving cars: again freemasons or satan their leader cannot give or replace life and no million pounds compensation for the parents for ‘active evil service’.

3. In Nigeria, my brother a brilliant solicitor was invited to join the freemasons with the bait that he would win cases before he gets to court (i.e. pervert justice), he refused. Then he ran for office on an anti-corruption platform against the corrupt and depraved agenda of members of the freemasons and its younger off-shoot the pyrates. Knowing his glowing success and popularity, the only option was for them to shoot him in the carotid artery of his neck. They killed him on 19/11/02. Like their British counterparts (re: Ms. Draper almost knifing me in the carotid artery of my neck) the Nigerian police refused to investigate. Like their British counterparts, the Nigerian Department of Public Prosecutions and the Nigerian Attorney General turned a blind eye, as the Nigerian freemasons used the system to cover it up. This is the fourth year and not a word has been heard from anyone.

4. In my attempt to get justice regarding Ms. Draper battering and almost killing me on 23/04/05, I have encountered:
-My floppy disk containing my case file was stolen, just prior to deadline for filing the case in court. Unusually, I backed it up, due to the prompting of God.
-At the headquarters of the judiciary in the U.K. (Royal Court of Justice at the Strand) were performing masonic antics/sematntics in broad daylight (it was not yet sunset) and stated ‘you cannot sue the Attorney General’ (of the U.K. Lord Goldsmith). But for God’s intervention I would not have succeeded.
-Once I filed the case, the book (authority) on human rights which is the basis of my case that I relied on for my grounds and skeletal arguments was stolen from the library
-Despite my several notifications, the library has refused to report the theft of the book to the police, a book that is priced at £270. My belief is they know who deliberately stole it to spoil my case, the freemasons.

5. It is no secret that the freemasons, pyrates and other satanic cults refer to themselves as ‘dogs’ and believe that only dogs are men. To me, the statement that being a ‘dog’ makes you a ‘man’ is self-contradictory. The fact that you claim to change to dogs (i.e. animals, beasts) at sunset only confirms you satanic and witchcraft agenda. Not only in enchantments, hypnotism and chemicals, but anything that seeks to influence another’s mind against his will without consent is witchcraft. If all the people on a bus deviously seeking to make a man loose the £1m in his pocket start running as if there is a fire (when there is none) and the man (thinking there is fire) actually looses the money whilst running, the people have just practiced witchcraft. This is not law court but in the spiritual court of God

6. Your organization in collusion with the pyrates tried to murder tried to murder me in 2001 because I refused to be a pyrate and become a ‘dog’. As you did not succeed, you tried to engineer the break-up of my family. I got a confession to that effect. The Bible says in Genesis 2 verse 24: Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh and in Mark 10:9: What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. But the freemasons has taken the function of satan in John 10 verse 10: to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

The freemasons caused the death of my son. God in his infinite Wisdom made me (a doctor) his father, so as to recognize any symptoms of illness from sickle cell early. In threatening my wife and forcing her to obey your orders or face death/destruction, you sought to destroy my family and in family break-up I was forced to leave and went to Nigeria. In my absence, my son fell ill and died.

You forced my wife (literally at gun point) not to tell me (then in Nigeria) about my son’s illness and then his death. Since I had refused to be a pyrate and was not a ‘dog’; your satanic cult (that cannot create an amoeba not to talk of human life) falsely said that I am not a man and not worthy to be my wife’s husband and my son’s father. In effect you, mortal you, are playing God, deciding who is a man and who is a father. You who can die tomorrow (like me and everyone else) have arrogated to yourself 007 and the power to destroy families. My wife in terror submitted to your satanic agenda.

Immediately I arrived from Nigeria, I went to Great Ormond Street the next day. Your organization forced the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital to deny me seeing the body. They even asked the security staff to usher me out for asking to see my son’s body and showing my identification, my passport. I bet you must be very proud of your ‘power.’ I repeat the question in my previous letter to which you did not reply: what manner of man seizes a corpse?

Your organization held a gun to my wife’s (a child of God) head and forced her (like many other Christians) to do evil things against their will, for fear of death or serious harm. You forced her to bury my son without me.

7. You have threatened my wife to prevent me from seeing my remaining children and trying to use the establishment especially the police and the judiciary to effect your satanic agenda. You want to turn my children into part of the statistics of black children from broken homes that end up broken. God forbid. You wish closeness and goodness for your family and children but seek to destroy mine. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, the name before which every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that He is God. The Bible says in Isaiah 49 verses 25-26: But thus saith the Lord, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee and I will save thy children. You can see that my wife (who is cleaved to me), children and other Christians have been saved from your satanic clutches.

Since you head an organisation that has chosen to be a destroyer of my family and other families, then you should take the credit. Accordingly, you will be personally named in any proceedings involving my family as the cause and destroyer, so that it is clearly on record and you can get the glory. You thrive in being Don Corleone and populace marvel at you like they do at the film ‘Godfather’ forgetting how many people he killed. How does a Royal Prince seek to destroy his own subjects and their families, when families are the bedrock of society? I urge you to please let God take control.

8. The Nigerians who came to Britain in the 60’s to study were deceived into joining the freemasons. Many were from villages and nobody knew anything about freemasons (there was no internet or information then. In the days of ‘no blacks, no dogs, no Irish’, joining the freemasons was presented as a stepping-stone to networking and goodies including better jobs to help pay the school fees. Freemasons was presented as a friendship society like the Rotary or Lions Club. Nobody told them of the pact with the devil or that their children would be consumed in exchange for a clerical job (instead of sweeping the streets). You can imagine if I went to the Job Centre today and after signing the contract for a clerical job, I was told to give up my children to be used at any time for evil purposes! Talk of unfair trade and duping of the ignorant.

My father was approached to join the freemasons in 1966. He asked why? and the man replied, they will make you rich. My father ended the discussion by saying I am comfortable and richer than you. If they have not made you rich and sent you to me, there is something wrong there. Thank God he grew stronger in Christianity and enjoyed a good and simple life in Christ.

You can see that even the membership of freemasons is made on deceit. The children of the mason on the street will never be the grandmaster. It will always be you and the royalty cum elite. I see a pyramid scheme with you at the top ruling over the 1m slavemasons (God forbid) today and your (royalty) children ruling over the next generation (2m, if everyone has 2 children). You have thus solidified a master-slave relationship for generations to come.

As for the pyrates, they have deceived people into membership claiming an anticolonial agenda. Whereas the colonialists killed probably about 200 people in Nigeria, the pyrates (with freemasons) now in power have directly killed tens of thousands and indirectly killed millions by stealing the money for the health, education and poverty eradication. They loot the money and bring it to guess where? the former colonial power, Britain.

A top government official in Nigeria who is a now a pastor confessed that both the freemasons and pyrates are of the devil. His father was the deputy head of freemasons in Nigeria and he himself was renowned pyrate from which he resigned. I have a relative who was a top freemason and had to run away from home for about ten years (at the age of 60 plus) on becoming a Christian, due to threats to life. You can see that satan knows no physical boundaries or skin colour, it just wants to steal, kill & destroy as described in the scriptures (John 10:10).

9. It is evident that Parliament, Downing Street (including the Prime Minister) and Judiciary including the police and MI5 are afraid of you and are subject to your nocturnal laws. In effect you have stolen the Magna Carta to the masonic lodge. They are either members of your satanic cult or afraid you will kill them, take away their office, by hook or crook especially blackmail. You are ready to use your SSS-like information spy network of one million members in every post code (that has been collating information on people for years and storing it in your coven called the Masonic lodge) to expose their previous indiscretions (an extramarital affair ten years ago or a homosexual relationship at Oxford etc, drugs in teenage years etc) if they don’t play your game. Even MI5 officials are afraid and will not reply correspondence concerning the freemasons and clear subversion of government.

Whilst in the U.S. George Bush and John Kerry had to declare their membership of skull & bones, over here the Cabinet Secretary and the Metropolitan Police have refused to disclose if and who amongst the cabinet (including the Attorney General) and the senior police officers are member s of the freemasons; even though everyone knows the evil that goes on in the freemasons, as confirmed even by Time magazine about five years ago.

You and your organisation are therefore subverting democracy and perverting our institutions. You are a terrorist organisation, striking terror in the minds of people and ready to kill or destroy lives, worse than the mafia and Al-queda as you can use the police and judiciary to cover up. It is not clear why you did not attempt to just take over power directly, instead of playing puppeteer and blackmailer behind the screen?

In any case, God has stopped the freemasons in its tracks. Your organisation died the day you killed my brother. God has effected a regime change; the U.K. is no longer the Isle of ‘dogs’ but the Isle of God’s. The freemasons and pyrates are like a serpent whose head has been cut off, it lashes out violently and wildly spilling its own blood. I spiritually burn the coven called the masonic lodge with Holy Ghost fire. Amen. If your organisation is self-confident in its evil ways, I challenge you once again to open the gates and see how many members will remain, NONE.

10. It is no secret that freemasons and pyrates call themselves dogs and every ‘dog’ must obey orders no matter what they feel or think otherwise face death/destruction. But a dog is a slave. I have a dog at home and if I ask it to bite it will, for no pay. The fox hunters can confirm that dogs are used to kill and destroy for no pay.

But obeying orders and working for no pay is slavery. . Having watched the film ‘Roots’, I am unable to distinguish between the slave owner issuing evil orders from his mansion to the black slaves (and their children, grandchildren and their generations to come i.e. their blood line!) who must surrender their will and unquestionably obey orders at any time, and the members of freemasons with you at the top issuing orders from your mansion. The Bible says Leviticus 26:29: And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat. When a freemason surrenders his God’s given children from birth, to obey the evil orders from the masonic lodge and hypnotises them from infancy to obey satanic orders, the children have been consumed spiritually. Their will and soul have been consumed and the child is unable to say no to satanic evil orders. With the will gone, what is left is an empty obedient shell (what is a man without will?), an unwilling slave to the evil designs of your organisation.

The ordinary freemason is deceived that he is powerful (like some black slaves took pride in being owned by a ‘powerful’ master). As you truly know, a truly powerful man has his God-given will and does not obey orders from anyone, not even you. No powerful man obeys orders, except God’s.

Watch the film ‘karate kid’ and you will see the owner of a karate school (akin to the freemasons & pyrates) severely beating his underlings unless they hated the innocent and agreed to beat and destroy the helpless i.e. destroy others or you be destroyed. Talk of dog eating dog.

11. God gave us technology including phones/mobiles for us to use to spread love to our folks. Your organization has chosen to use this for satanic purposes: to lie in wait amongst the reeds, waiting for the helpless man. (Psalm 10 verse 9), as He that turneth from evil maketh himself a prey (Isaiah 59 verse 15). At the end of the day, your organization is fulfilling the scriptures that satan cometh but to steal and to destroy (John 10 verse 10).

12. Since you could not use Ms. Draper to kill me (your second failed attempt at murder) your organization used the energy company to deny me electricity for two months in last winter so as to freeze me to death, even though I did not owe a penny.

I left our hose and moved to Nigeria in 2001. My wife moved out of our house in 2004 whilst I was in Nigeria. I returned to the U.K. in February 2005 and lived elsewhere. When I visited the property in April 2005, there was electricity and everything was mouldy confirming nobody lived there for a long time. I moved into the house in October 2005.

The energy company entered the house and cut off the electricity from the in-house fuses. How did they get the keys? Obviously the freemasons contacted my wife and forced her to open the doors to the property so that the energy company can cut off the electricity (the energy company stated they did not know her new address) or your organisation has made copies of the keys to our property (forcefully from my wife) and opened the doors for the energy company to cut off the electricity.

13. Since it is now established that the freemasons have access to my house, how far will you go? (after contracting Ms. Draper to poison me). Enter my house and poison my food in the fridge with some of your known ‘civilised’ and ‘untraceable’ killing methods that you blame on the victim?
-With diuretics and claim God forbid, death by dehydrated?
-With vitamin D excess and God forbid give kidney stones and death from hypercalcaemia?
-With vitamins antagonists or microbes and claim depression and suicide (all B vitamins) or heart failure (thiamine)
-Vitamin excesses or deficiencies
-Injure acid-base balance, destroy the cells of the gastrointestinal tract or lace my food with microbes or toxins. Other poisons that I have not mentioned
Your organisation claims to have 1m members i.e. one out of every 60 people in this country with extensive network in the police, judiciary, law, medicine, laboratories, pharmacologists, biochemists etc. so access to poisons is no big deal for your good selves.
The bible says in Psalm 64:6: They scheme their evil plots, they conspire to lay secret snares, Psalm 36:5: They plot the defeat of goodness as they lie on their beds and in Psalm 35:20 They wish no peace for the peaceful who live in the land..
For your information, I am enjoying my life in its fullness as God has blessed me with the peace that passeth all understanding. Let me reassure you that the blood of Jesus has destroyed whatever evil the freemasons and pyrates plan in the coven called the lodge. The lesson of Easter is that Jesus rose from the dead and so destroyed the ultimate power of satan, death and the fear of death. A Christian therefore cannot fear death or anything else for that matter. Moreover, Luke 10 verse 19 says: Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. I will tread on the freemasons (& pyrates) and boast in the Name of Jesus and nothing will happen.

14. Because of the criminal actions of the freemasons, I have been unable to use the internet very effectively. I have had my mails hijacked. Last year, the owner of the internet café I used to send e-mails and blog, was suddenly threatened with ‘unheard of’ council bills and rates amounting to several thousand pounds. He had no option but to ask me to leave and stop coming there in order for him to continue to have a business. Once I stopped surfing there, he has been smiling ever since. I am not sure why only the mafia openly enjoys the reputation of intimidation to the exclusion of your satanic cult.

You may recall that members of the freemasons and pyrates threatened me that I would not practise as a doctor because I refused to be a ‘dog’. I have received my payments regularly and like clockwork and planned to complete my final instalment of registration fees to the General Medical Council (GMC) so that I can resume work. Once I sent an e-mail to the GMC asking them to effect the direct debit from my account the next week, mysteriously my payment was stopped for no reason and without notice. I believe this is to spoil my registration with the GMC but in God’s name I rebuke you and burn that plan with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Moreover, the deadline to file claims against the masonic (Metropolitan) Police on human rights violation (relating to the masonic-sponsored Ms. Draper poisoning then battering and almost killing me on 23/04/05) was two weeks away i.e. 1 year from the incident. Cutting my payment for no reason, was satan’s way of preventing me filing a case. But all the Glory to God, satan was defeated.

If you have any plans to cheat at the judiciary both in my case against the Metropolitan police and against the Attorney General/Crown Prosecution Service or indeed any other case related to me including my wife, children, siblings or wherever the name of OVADJE is mentioned; and in anywhere on the earth let me assure you in Isaiah 54:19: No weapon that is formed against the (me & my folks) shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee (me & my folks) in judgement thou (I) shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

15. One of your members confessed that one of the ways you frustrate people is to clog the person with problems especially at the bank, at work and the law (police and judiciary). By threats and intimidation, you are able to get judges to pervert justice (as confirmed by my brother who was invited to join freemasons with a bait of winning cases before he gets to court, an offer he refused).

-You used the Metropolitan Police under the leadership of Sir Ian Blair to sponsor Ms. Draper first poisoning then almost killing me in 2005
-The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith refused to raise a finger even in the daylight perversion of justice by Sir Ian Blair’s police.
-The Metropolitan Police under the leadership of Sir Ian Blair have falsely arrested me at least fourteen times in the last six months, so that I will keep suing everyday. They have refused to charge me to court.
-The ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission (I.P.C.C.) refused to investigate the actions of the policemen who blackmailed & harassed me and covered up the case of Ms. Draper who battered and almost murdered me with a six-inch blade knife on 23/04/05.
-My last landlord (a freemason) harassed me so much the case reached the court. The Ilford County Court gave judgement in his favour (and ordered me to pay some money) without reading my defence statement.
I applied for that order to be quashed as it is against fair hearing, equality of arms and my human rights for the court to give judgement against me without reading my defence statement. I clearly opted for a written hearing (without my physical presence) on the form.
Lo and behold! The court refused my application to quash that order on the grounds that I did not physically attend the hearing even though I clearly chose written hearing (without my physical appearance) on the form.
Lastly, I re-applied again on ?????, again pointing to the court that I had opted for a written hearing without appearance. For the last six months, the court has refused to give judgement on my application to quash that order as there is no other excuse to pervert justice. Meanwhile my name will have falsely (due to perversion of justice by the court) been on County Court judgement defaulters for all this duration.
-I filed another case at the Ilford County Court to legally compel my wife to allow me to see my children, against your satanic orders and threats to her life. From the proceedings and funny turns, it is evident that you and your satanic cultist are threatening the court and CAFCASS team as well.

You must really be glad at your ‘power’ to intimidate judges to pervert justice like the mafia. I rebuke you and your satanic agents and agenda in Jesus name, Amen. He is the one with all the power on earth and in heaven (Matthew 28 verse 18). Truly, I am afraid to curse you because God will answer it and it will manifest. I pray GOD to forgive you like he has forgiven me.

Is it not shameful that despite the your high membership amongst the learned profession i.e. lawyers, judges etc. the freemasons are still sweating and have to CHEAT in court to defeat a single man, myself standing alone (but with the God of Israel), handling my cases by myself and with no previous legal education or exposure (The only art subject I did was government at O’ levels). Satan and your cult can never win fair and square. ALL THE GLORY GOES TO GOD through whom I have victory and ALL things are possible. Even in cheating, the freemasons have failed, in Jesus name. Amen.

Will the freemasons use the Metropolitan Police and try to execute me like Mr. Demenezes? (God forbid). Or will you ask a driver to deliberately drink and try run over me on the kerb? It is already on record even in the courts, but I can assure you my God will never allow it.

16. Not long after the freemasons sponsored Ms. Draper to attempt to murder me, God has shown that he is God. The Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has known no peace since and is never off the media from one mishap to another, especially the police execution of Mr. DeMenezes and the lies he told thereof. A number of his own senior police officers have asked him to resign.
Then the same Ian Blair is tape-recorded Lord Goldsmith the Attorney General.
The IPCC is investigating Ian Blair.
The IPCC itself is in turmoil with one board member resigned and another accused of harassment.
Ian Blair is investigating the government (re:peerage) Lord Goldsmith is a peer.
I am not a judge (only God is) neither do I glory in the discomfort of others, but it is clear in this confusion that satan or freemasons cannot save anyone. Only God can. Come to the winning side.

God says in Isaiah 54 verses 14-15: In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee. Behold they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.

17.If any mason thinks he is powerful, he is joking. Even you Sir, the grandmaster, are very mortal like everybody. You are not sure you will make up tomorrow (except you have bribed God). Just remember Mr. Robin Cook, a decent man who committed no crime but died whilst walking. The graveyard is full of powerful men. I pray all of us submit ourselves to God now, before it is too late.

18. In all I have said, I do not speak out of holiness, for only God is Holy. As a gynaecology intern, I use to perform abortions, which though legal, makes me a murderer in God’s kingdom. But God has forgiven me. I am forgiven because of God’s Grace i.e. unmerited favour; that is freely available to all including you, Sir. The Bible says in John 1 verse 12: For as many as received Him, to them He gave power to become sons of God, even to them that believe on his name. From the moment you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth Jesus as your saviour, you are covered by the blood of Jesus and receive amnesty no matter the previous sin record. Life is a race to get the medal that is heaven. Even when we stumble and fall, God’s mercy lifts us up and we strive ahead. Being a member of the freemasons or pyrates or other secret cults is like running backwards, direction away from the finishing line in the Olympics.

19. I am sending copies of this letter to notable persons and institutions all over the world including Interpol. If anything happens to me or to any members of my family (God forbid) in any form in anywhere on earth, Sir, you will be personally held responsible. But I know that my God will never allow it and that the freemasons and pyrates are dead organisations. I leave you with the following from Isaiah 59 verse 8: The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgement in their goings;: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace. Please retrace your steps back to God.

Jesus has paid the price by dying in the stead of all Christians. No Christian is bondaged to your organisation or indeed satan anymore. They are free to leave, anyone who mentions that Name. If you play God and refuse the price of the blood of Jesus, then I can only say God bless you.

My God has answered my prayers and shown and will continue to show all my enemies that He is God. God bless you.

Attached are some relevant passages from the Bible relating to freemasons and pyrates.

J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)


Bible passages for the freemasons, pyrates and other satanic cults
Their bodies are sound and sleek Psalm 73: 4-9
They are not stricken like others
They wear their pride like a necklace
They clothe themselves with violence
They have set their mouths in the heavens
And their tongues dictate to the earth

Their heart is all mischief Ps 5:10
Their throat a wide open grave

Each evening they come back like dogs Ps 59:
They howl and roam about the city
They prowl in search of food
They snarl till they have their fill

They eat up my people Ps 14: 4
As though they were eating bread
Their deeds are corrupt and depraved
Not a good man is left

He lies in wait among the reeds Ps 10: 8
His eyes are on the watch for the helpless man
He lurks in hiding like a lion in his lair

See the wicked bracing their bow
They are putting their arrows on a string
To shoot upright men in the dark

‘There is no God’, such are his thought Ps 10: 14, 11
He thinks in his heart ‘God forgets
He hides his face he does not see

They stare at me and gloat Ps 22: 7-19
They divide my clothing among them
‘He trusted in the Lord, let Him save him
Let the Lord release him if this is His friend’

No in your hearts you devise injustice Ps 58: 3,4
Your hearts deal out violence to the land
They wandered among lies as soon as they were born
Their venom is the venom of a snake
Unperceiving they grope in darkness Ps 82: 5

I have seen the wicked triumphant Ps 37: 35-36
Towering like a cedar of Lebanon
I passed again he was gone
I searched he was nowhere to be found

A mere breath, the man who stood so firm Ps 39: 6
A mere breath, the riches he hoards
He cannot buy life without end
Nor avoid coming to the grave

The law from your mouth means more to me Ps 119
Than silver and gold
Though the wicked try to ensnare me
I do not stray from your precepts
Had your law not been my delight
I would have died in my affliction

Never will I offer their offerings of blood Ps 16 v 4
Never will I take their name upon my lips
Never allow me to share in the feasting Ps 141 v 5
Let not the oil of the wicked anoint my head

They are like the beauty of the meadows Ps 37 v 20
They shall vanish, shall vanish like smoke

I will not fear even thousands of people Ps 3 v 7
Who are ranged on every side against me
You have prepared a banquet before me Ps 23 v 5
In the presence of my foes

They will collapse and fall Ps 20 v 9
But we shall stand firm
All my foes will retire in confusion Ps 6 v 11
Foiled and suddenly confounded

I will hate the evil doers company Ps 26 v 5
I will not take my place with the wicked
In whose hands are evil plots
Whose right hand are filled with gold

I will hate the ways of the crooked Ps 104 v 4,7
They shall not be my friends
The false-hearted must keep far away
The wicked I disown

For fear I should sin with my tongue Ps 39 v 2
I will put a curb on my lips
When the wicked stands before me

It is a spiritual war

Ephesians 6:12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. freemasonry is one of the extensive networks through which satan executes its plans on earth. The enemy is not the freemason person but the satanic spirits, demons using him.

Thank God: Colossians 2:10: And ye are complete in Christ, which is the Head of ALL principality and power.Matthew 28:18: And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying ALL power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Warning to freemasons, pyrates and other secret cults; Isaiah 47:9-11:

But these things shall come two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thy enchantments. For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hast perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me. Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.
Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast laboured, even thy merchants, from thy youth: they shall wander everyone to his quarter; none shall save thee.


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