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Monday, January 02, 2006

freemasons direct London, U.K. police to falsely detain me and steal my property

Dr. J. A. T. Ovadje
23 December 2005

Police Officer CX 61
Metropolitan Police
Charring Cross Station
Agar Street

Dear Sir :False arrest, illegal detention and stealing of property on 21/12/05

I write this letter to you with great sadness at the level to which the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom has degenerated; to the level of a banana republic.

1. Your colleague Officer 428 arrested me on false charges two days ago.

2. You decided to detain me illegally in a cell even though there was no crime committed.

3. You stated that you detained me for investigation yet you refused me to write a witness statement knowing that there was no crime committed. This is what Idi Amin was doing in Uganda, arresting and detaining people without any crime.

4. Like Idi Amin, you have refused to charge me to court.

5. Similarly you have seized my property illegally. You cannot provide any Act of Parliament that authorizes you to seize my property without a crime being committed. In effect you have stolen it.

6. You tried to hide your stealing my property under the pretext of ‘thinking whether there is a question of the law being broken’. I am wearing a nice tie this morning. From your actions, if any policeman likes it and is jealous of it, he can seize it under ‘thinking whether there is a question of the law being broken’. In my opinion, such behaviour has no place in a civilised society.

7. At the end of my release from the cell, you fraudulently moved me away from the security cameras at the custody reception into the cramped small office at the temporary front office; then hurriedly asked me to sign for my custody sheet and property receipt there, whilst standing so that I would not be able to read it properly. You were angry at my trying to read it before signing.

8. When I got home, I saw the last comment on your custody records was ‘property restored’ whereas you have seized (stolen) my property.

9. I beg you to:
a) charge me to court please. I would really love to go to court so that the truth and the lies you have written be exposed.
b) if no charge return my property immediately. You can photograph them if you wish. I have never denied their ownership or use.

10. The truth is the fish starts rotting from the head. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has by his actions shown he has no respect for the law. In April this year, he sponsored my being beaten up with at least 40 blows, bitten several times and a knife pressed against my throat, under the direction of the freemasons and Prince Edward. Please show them this letter and use it in any forum. I am happy to defend it anywhere.

11. God exposed the lies of Sir Ian Blair not long after I was beaten up, in a much bigger case than mine, that of the murder of the Brazilian, Mr Menzies. Sir Ian Blair’s authority has been weakened since then and the public no longer trusts his word.

12. The same freemasons (who are the satanic embassy on earth) shot my brother dead. He was a solicitor. Previously he had been approached to join the freemasons with a bait of winning cases before he gets to court (i.e. pervert justice), an offer he rightly refused. They would like me to shut up but God is my protector and they are powerless.

13. I believe you yourself are a victim and being used for illegal purposes hence I have nothing personal against you. You are a man simply trying to protect your life and career under (mis)directions of a rotten leadership.

14. Wisdom says that it is only a weak man who cannot win by force of argument and persuasion that resorts to violence, killings, maiming, fraud and perversion of decisions and justice. Because the freemasons are weak, they resort to these acts.

15. The Blood of Jesus has defeated them 2000 years ago. I am a testimony that all their actions have failed from the very beginning. The only option left now is for them to organise through the Met for a police officer to shoot me like the Brazilian Mr. Menzies claiming I am carrying a bag (of my banners for legal protest) and they thought I am a terrorist. But even that will fail because Jesus will not allow the guns to fire.

16. Please retrace your steps immediately, return my property and charge me to court.

17. God bless you. Sincerely,
J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)

126 Chadwell Heath Lane • Romford • RM6 4AE


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