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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Request for disclosure of members of freemasons in U.K. cabinet and police

I have made a request for disclosure of the names of members of Mr. Blairs cabinet ( including the office of Attorney General) who are members of the freemasons. As expevcted, the cabinet office has been circumspect in their replies, using semantic language without revealing anything substantive.

Additionally, I made the same request from New Scotland Yard regarding the senior officers of the Metropolitan Police in London, U.K. From the reply, not one officer has admitted to being a member of the freemasons.

Although not one name has been revealed, in a way I am glad. It shows that members of the freemasons are not proud of their membership of such a satanic cult, hence they hide. This is a good sign, showing there is hope. We should be more worried if men were proud to be associated with evil. Hiding is an acknowledgement of shame.

Ever wondered why a human being wonderfully made by God with no counterfeit or duplicate will call himself a dog? God gave man dominion over the earth and Adam named all the animals on earth. How can anyone now be pround to be called an animal, a beast? Can a University graduate be proud to go back to school in kindergarten?

See how satan calls evil good and wants to glamourize a man calling himself a beast! It is a curse for a man to so call himself. It is also a confession that he is subhuman.

That idea is totally rejected in Jesus name, Amen. God will open their eyes to see how wonderful it is to be HUMAN.


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