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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

False arrest and detention of Dr. Ovadje by a corrupt U.K. police

Dr. Ovadje falsely arrested and maliciciously detained for putting up posters (with the permission of the policemen at Downing Street) showing the actions of the freemasons and pyrates: killings, maimings, threats and intimidation.

On Friday 16/09/05, Dr. Ovadje went Downing Street. He had posters showing

1. The attempt by the freemasons and pyrates to murder him in 2001.

2. The murder of his brother Ejoke Ovadje by members of the freemasons and pyrates in Nigeria in 2002. His brother a solocitor had contested elections on an anti-corruption platform and had become very popular with the people.

3. The indirect killing of his son by the freemasons and pyrates

4. The freemasons and pyrates seized the corpse of his son so that Dr. Ovadje would not see him and mourn.

Other satanic actions by the freemasons and pyrates.

On arrival at Downing Street (official residence of the British Prime Minister), hw went to the the seven policemen stationed at Downing Street and informed them of his intention to put up posters. They directed the him to the spot where he could put up his posters.

Another policeman 538 drove in a van and seeing Dr. Ovadje formally dressed and not engaged in any unlawful activity gave him a note for having ‘Stopped but not searched’ him under the stop and search laws. This officer acknowledged Dr. Ovadje had not committed a crime and was entitled not to give the officer his name or other personal details ‘for the record’. The officer then gave the defendant a memo, showing that the Public Order Act 1986 applied and the defendant had broken no law under that Act.

Some strange man drove down, videoed Dr. Ovadje and the posters and left. It was obvious he had been sent specifically to make a record of the protest.

On the day of arrest, Tuesday 20/09/05, Dr. Ovadje was formally dressed and alone. He stood still and did not talk to anyone. There was no procession or meeting with anyone. There was no question of violence or threat of violence. He saw the police officers permanently stationed at Downing Street again. They did not tell him anything new. He put up posters at the designated area as previously directed by them.

Next thing, the policemen from Charring Cross station bundle him into their van after tightly handcuffing his hands at the back, even though there was no struggle.

They had obviously been detailed to carry out the illegal imprisonment on the orders of a corrupt leadership including the Metropolitan Police Coimmissioner, Sir Ian Blair. You would have thought they would charge him to court immediately, no. He was detained for more thasn six hours yet the police refused to interview him or take evidence.

Only weak people who cannot win by reason of argument and intellect resort to killing, maiming, intimidating and blackmail to achieve their goals. The freemasons are a weak organisation whose only mode of operation is killing and violence just like al-queda and the mafia. Only difference freemasons have so called 'big men' like Prince Edward to provide a facade of 'respect' for criminal and murderous acticvity.

In the night, Dr. Ovadje was released without charge yet his property was seized i.e. stolen.


Blogger uvwiama said...

Jato, It is a long struggle. Which will continue voicing and shouting in the conscience of the guilty to take the right course. Injustice is their code to achieve, and fear their character to achieve same. But they will always be answerable for their atrocities and frivolities.


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