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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Letter to Mr. Charles Clarke fmr. Home Secretary 24 August 2005

Dr. J. A. T. Ovadje

August 24th 2005

Mr. Charles Clarke
Home Secretary
Marsh Street

Dear Sir: Assault, battery and threatening of the life of Dr. Ovadje with a six-inch blade knife held against his throat by Sarah Draper ON 23/04/05; Ilford Police ref: 44110350/05: WAS THE IPCC PRESSURED BY THE POLICE NOT TO INVESTIGATE AS IN THE EXECUTION OF MENZIES?

1. I have written to your office a few times previously on this subject.

2. The summary is that in February 2005, Sarah Draper poisoned me repeatedly with insecticide. Despite reporting to the police and follow-up with letters, the Metropolitan Police refused to investigate it.

Then on 23/04/05, she went further and battered me with more than 30 punches, bit me with her teeth and then threatened to kill me whilst pressing a knife to my throat and destroyed my property. The metropolitan Police refused to investigate and then proceeded to blackmail and intimidate me, the victim of severe assault. I wrote to Sir Ian Blair by receipted/recorded post and e-mail. He refused to tell his officers to investigate the crime.

This fulfilled the prior threat by Sarah Draper’s husband (when I mentioned that she was harassing me) that even if you report any matter to the police, nothing will happen.

3. I sent recorded mail and letters to Sir Ian Blair but he refused to act or ask his officers to do simple things like collect evidence, photograph my destroyed room etc which the officers had refused to do. In summary, Sir Ian Blair action enthroned or condoned corruption and perversion of justice.

4. The officers of the Metropolitan Police have been tossing my case around and refused to give me the results of their investigation.

5. Despite my clear documentation of the facts, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) refused to investigate the acts of the specific officers which are criminal under the statutes of the United Kingdom and preferred to collude with the Metropolitan Police to enthrone corruption and perversion of justice.

6. The question now is did the IPCC succumb to pressure from the Metropolitan Police in my case and hence refused to investigate the conduct of the officers?

7. The execution of Menzies by the police and the confession of the IPCC that the Metropolitan Police tried to suppress the IPCC investigation (IN MURDER) shows the extent to which Acts of Parliament procedures are treated with disdain. The norms of the country that gave the Magna Carta have been thrown to the dogs.

If IPCC investigation can be suppressed in murder in a public place with CCTVwith hundreds of tube commuters etc; who says its investigation of my case where I was battered and a knife pressed to my throat by my private room away from the public glare was not suppressed by the same Metropolitan Police?

8. I would appreciate it if you could kindly get the answers to the question in paragraph 6 above.

9. Please find enclosed copies of my communication with the IPCC

J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)

48 Courtland Avenue • Ilford • IG1 3DW

NOTE: Mr. Charles Clarke left me a foreigner, (God forbid) prisoner to the freemasons. He left office because of foreign prisoners.


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