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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The street gangs are clones of the freemasons. Before street gangs can be eliminated, the problem of freemasonry must be tackled.

Dr. J. A. T. Ovadje

20 February 2007

Mr. Tony Blair
Prime Minister of the U.K.
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 1AA

Dear Sir: The street gangs are clones of the freemasons. Before street gangs can be eliminated, the problem of freemasonry must be tackled.

1. Sir, the Bible says in Psalm 119 verse 46: I will speak of your will before kings and not be abashed. Once again, I write to you on the real meat of the problem in this country, the satanic cult, freemasons.

2. The news over the past two weeks has been full of repeated murders by youths, members of street gangs. But the truth is clear: the street gangs are clones of the freemasons.

The dictionary defines a terrorist organisation as one that uses intimidation and/or violence to achieve its ends. To test who is a greater terror to the U.K. populace, walk into a pub and shout ‘al-Queda is a terrorist organisation’. People will continue to drink and some will say ‘I agree.’ Walk into the same pub and shout ‘the freemasons is a terrorist organisation’. Everyone will go quiet in dread; before long people will quietly find their way out of the place. The people know who is a terrorist to them.

3. Spiritually, freemasonry, slavery and apartheid belong to the same demon (satanic spirit): that says the life of another human being (created by God like you) is worth less than yours and his life and/or rights can be taken away from him. It involves playing God (trying to determine another man’s destiny); murder and witchcraft i.e. trying to influence another man’s soul (i.e. his mind, emotions, will, intellect and imagination) against God’s will for the him (victim).

On the deceit of freemasonry in recruitment by false promises, see 2 Peter 2:19: while they promise liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. The overall goal is (God forbid), for satan to enslave the people deceiving them that they become ‘powerful’ as freemasons. A freemason obeys orders whereas a powerful never obeys orders but gives orders.

4. Freemasonry gave birth to street gangs. The fathers are in freemasonry and are ready to kill for ‘their’ territory: the buildings (institutions). Thus the children are in street gangs and are ready to kill for ‘their’ territory: the streets: two sides of the same coin.

Like their progenitor the freemasons, street gangs swear an oath in the cloak of darkness to obey all evil orders against their neighbour. Both obey the same code of silence, just like the mafia (omerta). Any release of secrets is faced with death and/or ruin.

5. At the headquarters of the U.K. judiciary, the Royal Court of Justice Strand, the Court Officer physically tried to stop me from filing my Application for Judicial Review and said you cannot sue the Attorney General whilst performing masonic rituals. On a similar note, the street gangsters physically try to stop others selling drugs in ‘their territory’.

But the freemasons and street gangs are living in a folly: The Lord God owns everything in the world including the buildings and the streets. In the end, all will die, leave ‘their’ turf behind and end up in the permanent turf of every human being (until the Lord Jesus returns to judge the living and the dead): the grave. The graveyard is full of powerful men.

Any member of a street gang that wants to leave does so at his own risk, see Channel 4 documentary on MS13. Just like the Nazi’s held on to the Jews, more than a million Christians in the U.K., the Israelites (i.e. children of God) are too afraid to cut their links with freemasonry lest they be killed or ruined.

6. On crime: the papers are full of the crimes of the ‘informal’ satanic cults: the street gangs: killings, drug trade etc. Parliament’s own website is full of the crimes of the ‘formal’ satanic cult, the freemasons. It states that a police ‘anti-crime’ squad was disbanded for masonic criminal corruption; and 48% of the Crown Prosecutors, 20% Magistrates and 10% of Judges are freemasons. Freemasonry is involved in Northern Ireland police-sanctioned killings (Stalker-Simpson Inquiry): See:

I believe the above statistics confirms a U.K. cabal, just like the Communist Party in China.

7. I must declare my own interest. In 2000, London U.K., I refused to be a member of the satanic cult the pyrates (an off-shoot of the freemasons). By the special Grace of God, I survived a murder attempt. I went to Nigeria.

Whilst in Nigeria, members of the the satanic cult the freemasons and its offshoot the pyrates confraternity, murdered Ejoke Ovadje (my beloved brother). They shot him in the carotid artery of his neck, just a stone throw from the court premises. He was a solicitor, and had earlier been asked to join the freemasons with a bait of winning cases before he gets to court (i.e. pervert justice), an offer he refused. His crime was to run for public office on an anti-corruption platform against the interests of members of these cults that have ensured that 70% of the population live on less than a dollar a day despite huge oil wealth. Once he decided to run for office, he was warned that his life was ‘protected’ only if he was a freemason, as if the Grandmaster of freemasons will not die! (Only God gives and takes away life). He refused to join and was murdered. Clearly murder and perversion of justice are part and parcel of the freemasons, just like (despite all the elitist pretensions and failed obscurantism) the mafia. The Nigerian Police (under threats and direction of these cults) refused to investigate and the Nigerian Attorney General looked away.

I returned to the UK On 23 April 2005 in London UK, (a freemasonic-planned day of evil i.e. 2-3-4-5, akin to 9-11 of al-Queda), an assailant (sponsored by the freemasons) battered me with more than forty blows, repeatedly bit me, and threatened and almost killed me with a six-inch blade knife that she pressed against the carotid artery of my neck, just like the Nigerian freemasons killed my brother. The venue of this crime was Courtland Avenue, Ilford even as my brother was killed less than 20 metres from the court building.

Like the Nigeria Police (in the case of the murder of Ejoke Ovadje), the Metropolitan Police (the premier U.K. Police) refused to investigate these heinous crimes against me. They even refused to ask for or search for the knife or take any evidence because it was a Saturday night. More than his Nigerian counterpart, the U.K. Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service not only looked away, but actively concocted a secret and fictitious ‘Ms. Draper’s version of events’ so as to shield my assailant.

In London, U.K., the freemasons caused the death of my son (manslaughter) and then prevented me from seeing his body in the hospital. Clearly just like street gangs, the freemasons (& clones) murder and seize dead bodies even as the Bible states that the only function of the devil is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Moreover, like death, the wicked are never satisfied. Since I have mentioned the ultimate crimes of murder, repeated attempted murder, manslaughter and seizure of a corpse, I do not think it necessary to list the freemasonic crimes against my family and millions of people, the children of God.

By the Grace (unmerited favour) of God, I have already seen the worst of freemasonry and put it behind me. My strength is in Isaiah 54:17: No weapon fashioned against thee shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise agaiinst thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn. Amen.

8. I have sought justice at the courts but faced blatant freemasonic judicial terrorism at the headquarters of the U.K. judiciary, the Royal Court of Justice, Strand. Although I served the Metropolitan Police with my claim on 21 April 2006 and filed the Royal Mail receipts & Certificate of Service with the court, the court (without evidence whatsoever) accepted the false declaration of the police: that they were served on 05 May 2006 (a fraudulent attempt to evade the one-year liability under the Human Rights Act 1998 (the incident occurred on 23 April 2005).

Judicial corruption on behalf of freemasons headed by a prince, Prince Edward is not new even as the Bible states in Micah 7:3: That they may do evil with both hands earnestly, the Prince asketh, and the judge asketh for a reward; and the great man, he uttereth his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up. Freemasonry gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘orchestrated manoeuvres in the dark’.

The Home Secretary issued a statement showing clear concern about judicial fraud by the freemasons. See
"Membership of secret societies such as freemasonry can raise suspicions of a lack of impartiality or objectivity. It is therefore important the public know the facts."
"I think it is widely accepted that one secret they should not be keeping is who their members are in the criminal justice system."
Last year's Home Affairs Committee report into "Freemasons in the Police and the Judiciary" found widespread suspicion about masonic links. It recommended judges and police officers be forced to declare masonic membership……

Kindly note that every freemasonry-sponsored: false arrest, false prosecution or judicial fraud is an indirect sponsorship of terrorism. It is a signal that the rule of law does not exist and misguided minds (especially those not grounded in the Word of God) may decide to unleash their anger and get what they consider to be justice in terrorism.

9. Against the Word of God and the law, more than a million Christians in the U.K. are now forced (against their will) to obey freemasonic evil orders against his neighbour, even as Bible states in Isaiah 59:15: Yea truth faileth and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey; and the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no judgment. The question is: what is the U.K. government doing about this? Fear and intimidation rule the land!

If a man cannot leave freemasonry (or street gang) without ruin or death, then the Human Rights Act 1998 (including freedom of association or not to associate) has been literarily thrown to the dogs, and the notion of the UK. being a civilised country is completely non-existent. In that case, we should be proud of whom we are and boldly say that the human rights law in the U.K. is the same as in banana republics: they mean nothing and are never enforced. Not when the police, prosecutors and judiciary are laden with freemasonry.

10. Will the U.K. government continue to allow one group (the freemasons, the fathers) to continue their crimes whilst telling the other (the street gangs, the children) to stop committing the same crimes? Why has Parliament has debated ‘junk-tv’ shows like Big Brother (and a girl who has apologised more than any person I have ever seen on tv) and street gangs, but is completely paralyzed and afraid to mention freemasonry. Many MP’s appear intimidated into denial. The office of the Leader of the House of Commons has not acknowledged my letters (with Royal Mail receipts). The Bible states in 2 Tim 1:7: for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of; but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

11. There is no doubt, the youths (and street gangs) see what is going on in the society. They see the freemasonic murder, fascism, corruption and collusion going on and simply copy. Fortunately, (unlike the freemasons) they do not have the machinery of the state e.g. the police to actualise their evil designs lest the society would be in double jeopardy. The kids know the police are the hatchet men of the freemasons, hence they are cynical when told by the same police to obey the law.

The freemasons utilise the youth gangs. At Chadwell Heath, two youths robbed me of my glasses on behalf of freemasonry and said so. In future, some of them (God forbid) may ‘graduate’ to robbing people for themselves (after freemasonic apprenticeship), at which time, the same freemasonic members in government and police will start chanting against youths and robbery in the news bulletins.

12. Sir, since we now know the origin of street gangs, I believe we should tackle the problem from the root source; the freemasons and the children in gangs will follow the example.

I believe that firstly we must acknowledge that freemasonry has penetrated the ruling elite in the U.K. (just like the Communist Party in China) as to constitute a cabal with the greatest threat to democracy and the rule of law. While al-Queda, mafia and street gangs cannot use the machinery of government for evil purposes, freemasonry can, and do so. For example, against the law, (Freedom of Information Act), the Cabinet Secretary has for two years refused to confirm the members of the U.K. Cabinet (including the Attorney General) who are freemasons. Why blame gangs for not disclosing their members?

Secondly, we must remove the fear of death/ruin that intimidates Christians (and others) who want to leave freemasonry. The solution is not in banning freemasonry (that is against Human Rights Act 1998, freedom to associate) but to open the gates and let anybody enter or leave without fear or intimidation, just like golf clubs and Rotary. If a Professor of Law is so intimidated as to be afraid to discuss freemasonry, what legal rights is he teaching his students? If a judge can be intimidated by freemasons to pervert justice, what hope is there for justice? Once the freemasons realise that a member today can leave tomorrow (under government protection) and reveal any evil practices, then the evil practices will stop, even as the Grandmaster will be held personally responsible for the safety of members that leave.

In the seventies Nigeria, my Aunt (who was in her sixties) on becoming a true Christian, ran away from her home for more than ten years because of freemasonic terrorism.

13. It is the responsibility of government to protect the life of every citizen especially when he is threatened because he wants to leave freemasonry, or street gangs. The government cannot abdicate that duty, not in the U.K. the land of the Magna Carta and Common Law.
Sir, please consider the list that I sent to you previously:

(1) Constitute a public enquiry (parliamentary and judicial) into secret cults including the freemasons, pyrates confraternity and the others. A full, public and detailed investigation of how freemasonry interferes with the life of the government of the U.K especially the justice system, including the police (hatchet men of freemasonry).

(2) The freemasons and other cults should be compelled to make public all the ways, methods and means of poisoning and harming people, whether physical or psychological.

(3) The freemasons (& cults) must undertake never to harm anyone with the most senior officials of such cults being held personally responsible for any harm done or suspected to be done to any member of the public.

(4) All cults (and indeed all groups) must maintain an open registry available to the public, on-line and otherwise, showing the names of all members and the offices these members hold, public or private.

(5) Every member must be free to leave at any time. Any member opting to leave should send a notification to the government department responsible for societies and organizations who will note this intent and demand a written letter from the officials of such society confirming that such member has had his/her membership cancelled and is under no obligation to the cult. The officials of the society (Grand Master of freemasons) will be personally responsible for the life and safety of such member who cancels their membership.

(6) A review of all cases of drowning and suspicious deaths or suicides to exclude involvement of secret cults e.g. freemasons.

(7) A ban on all hypnotism whether private or public venues except written consent by the victim (hypnotee) and a written identification of the practitioner (hypnotor).

14. At the end of the day, the Bible states in Ephesians 6:12: for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So the enemy is not the human being (freemasons) but satan and its demons that use freemasonry to try to achieve its evil purpose for the world, using the most international country in the world, the U.K. as the initial ground before export to other countries. Christians in the U.K. are being forced against God’s law (and their will) to sanction gay adoption, with satan hoping to export it round the world. On the deceit of freemasonry in recruitment by false promises, see 2 Peter 2:19: while they promise liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.

15. Sir, until the root cause of street gangs, freemasonry and its associated fascism is tackled, the street gangs will continue for the children will continue to follow the footsteps of the fathers into satanic cults. Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) against teenagers and single parents are easy prey. The real meat is freemasonry. On the night they murdered my brother (who refused to be a freemason and refused to be corrupt), God in His Infinite Mercy declared freemasonry dead. It is big and it is powerful, but it is the Titanic and is going only one direction, down. The only lifeboat is the blood of Jesus. God decreed the U.K. is no longer the Isle of Dogs, it is the Isle of God’s, as confirmed in the national anthem, God save the Queen.

16. God says in Isaiah 49:24-6: Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive be delivered? But thus saith the Lord,. Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children. And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh: and they shall be drunken with their own blood as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the Lord am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob (Israel).

I believe God can use you to effect His Will and kingdom on earth, by tackling freemasonry and setting free the more than a million Israelites (God’s children) that are forced against their will, to be linked to freemasonry. If the freemasons continue to refuse to let them go, we can be sure that God will send the same plagues that He sent the Egyptians on the leading freemasons in this country, until Christians are set free. Just glancing through the papers, one can already see the plagues happening.

17. Sir, this should be your real legacy, a vessel unto honour, used for God’s Will to set the Israelites free. But even if you don’t, God’s Will must be done. But Sir, you would have lost the golden opportunity, your real and true legacy.

Many thanks Sir. God bless you with courage and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sincerely, J. A. T. Ovadje (Dr.)
140 ST. MARY’S ROAD • ILford • IG1 1QY


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