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Friday, June 03, 2005

U.K. April 2005: that night she battered me, the police bullied and blackmailed me, lying all the way. They refused to investigate a violent crime.

April 2005, action of Police Officers when they arrived on the night she battered me and held a knife to my throat

I was too shocked, stunned and embarrassed (she being a woman) and scared to call the police. From the action of the witnesses (they had kept quiet while she rained punches on me, but the moment my hand touched her face whilst reling in shock, they shouted you hit her, you hit a woman, inciting her) I knew she had their backing and I was not sure of what could happen.

At the same time, I hesitated to be bold to call the police because the thought occurred to me that she (my assailant) would be jailed. It was all mixed emotions for me, in the midst of severe pains. I was relieved to find that the police was called.

The three police officers attended my house in response to the emergency call. They were in uniform. I am not sure exactly what time they came, but I am sure 999 will have a record of when they were called.

Is there any reader out there who has access to check 999 calls. If you do, send a message so we can confirm the time of the call.

When the officers arrived, they asked me what happened and I told them. They saw my torn shirt and the bite marks on my left forearm. They saw the destruction in my room with the door ripped off the hinges, chicken stew and okra soup strewn all over the floor, my thermometer broken and everything chaotic.

It is unfortunate that the police officers did not write notes or take statements from any of the witnesses or myself, at the scene of the crime.

The police officers did not ask for, check for or search for the offensive weapon, the six-inch blade knife which the assailant pressed against my throat whilst threatening to kill me.

One of the officers called me to a corner and said the assailant had made counter-allegations against me that I had pressed a knife to her throat. I told him I wanted to take the matter up and that I was ready to do a lie detector test. The officer said they (police) don’t usually do such a test. I replied that I would pay for one. He went away to where the others were (assailant, officers and witnesses).

Few minutes later, the same officer came and advised me that the assailant had withdrawn her counter-allegations and that a WARNING would be issued to her and that I should let matters be. I REFUSED.

The same officer then advised me that since this is a racially aggravated assault, the Community Relations Police would come and write a statement and take evidence the next working day, i.e. on Monday, two days later.

The officers then wanted to know if I would go to the police station to report the matter again. I asked them if they would take me in their car to the station and they refused.

They then asked me repeatedly if I would go to the station to report the matter again. I became suspicious and did not reply.

The police officers got a radio message and explained that there was some fracas in the neighbourhood and drove off with a final word that statements will be taken from me on Monday (i.e. two days later) by the Community Relations Police.

Action of the police at the police station.

That same night after the policemen had gone, I left for the police station to report the matter again. I decided to go to the station as I was concerned about the events and the way the matter was being handled by the police. I was very suspicious.

At the reception area of the police station

At the station I met a police officer on duty manning the reception. On enquiry, I related briefly, how I had been assaulted and battered by my assailant.

The officer was going to take a statement from me right in the open by the side counter (which is what happened earlier on, in February 2005, when I reported the assailant for poisoning me with insecticide). But one of the officers who had earlier come to my house (and left after the emergency radio call to the fracas) appeared from the offices at the back.

This officer instructed the reception officer not to take a statement from me, insisting he would do so himself. But he was busy writing notes on the desk at the back. I complained that I would prefer the lady who was free to take my statement (I was in pain and very tired, shocked and all) but he refused. I had to wait for him.

Interview room

The officer took me to a windowless room inside with a mirror at the corner. He refused to let me write by myself. He insisted on writing himself against my stated wish. Since it was a case of either he writes it or there would be no documentation of my being assaulted, battered or threatened with a knife pressed to my neck, I was forced to cooperate.

He wrote down a number of sentences to downplay the effect of my words. He wrote I did not want the police to be called whereas I told him that one of the thoughts that occurred to me was that the assailant (my neighbours wife) might be jailed. I did not admit it but I was too stunned, scared and embarrassed (she being a female and I the male). It was all mixed emotions for me in the midst of severe pains. Moreover, I knew that she (my assailant) had the backing of the witnesses and I was not sure what could happen.

The officer wrote I am willing to go to court where as what I said was I want to go to court
Although I gave him the description of the blade of the knife about six inches, triangular in shape with the base of the blade about two inches and tapering to the pointed end which was pressed against my throat, he refused to write it down. I reminded him but he refused to write it down. (At the end of the interview he wrote only part of the description of the knife).

In the windowless room, when I told him several times that I wanted some of the words he had written corrected, he threatened to lock me up, bringing out hand cuffs. I could not imagine being threatened by an officer when I had just escaped death with a knife pressed to my throat.

I told the officer to go ahead and stretched out my hands to him (for the hand cuffs) reminding him that in the bible, St. Paul was locked up innocently.

He refused to write the names of the assailant which I gave him. That would have made an obvious link to a previous criminal offence by the same assailant against the same victim, myself.

The officer told me that my assailant had been arrested that night although I never saw any evidence of that throughout the time the police spent in my house or at the station.

Whilst we were still in the windowless room and towards the end of writing the victim’s statement, someone (white, bulky build) in a black overcoat darted from the interior door, across the room and went through the front door. That individual could have witnessed the proceedings including the threats I received from the police officer.

When I told the police officer that I insist the case must go to court he replied that is if the CPS decides to prosecute in a manner that seemed to imply that it is unlikely that goal would be achieved.

Back to the reception area of the police station

We left the room to the reception area. The duty reception officer was there.

When I asked why photographs were not taken, the interviewing officer said because they are short-staffed that night and they do not have the equipment.

I continued to tell the interviewing officer to write some points in the victim’s statement. He refused but was not threatening now (in the open and in the presence of the desk officer). I took the chance and decided to write some points in my statement although not enough of what I wanted.

I had to argue and insist vigorously but the officers did not want to take my shirt (which was torn by the assailant) as exhibit. He asked me why should we take the shirt and I replied because it is evidence I am black so with all the punches she has given me, I cannot turn red for you to see the effect. The torn shirt is one of the key evidence to show that she was violent to my person along with the bite marks that you have seen.

Despite this they refused to take the shirt and I had to leave it with them at the counter and I told them so. I decided to leave it with them on the reception desk and told them so.

There was no hint of what to do, no advice to go to the hospital or advice/assistance in any form at the police station. On my own, I left the station for the hospital to have my injuries recorded and treated. Till today, the police have not bothered to ask me if I went to the hospital and had my injuries documented with a view to prosecution.

Still much more to come!

You will see for your self, the destructiveness of satanic cults, and why they should be stopped.

The bible says, the only function of satan is to steal, kill and destroy.


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