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Thursday, June 02, 2005

April 2005: she battered me and pressed a knife against my throat threatening to kill me

She assaulted me, battered me and pressed a knife against my throat, threatening to kill me.

On the night of Saturday 23rd April 2005, I cooked some noodles in the communal kitchen at my residence. I returned to my room, sat down and finished eating the noodles. I was just going to start eating my coleslaw when my neighbour’s wife burst into my room, pushing open the door. We have never been friends. I have never entered their room and discouraged any of their family from entering mine.

She came close to me and shouted go and clean the cooker, clean it now, you black bastard. I noticed that she smelt of alcohol. I knew I had not left the cooker dirty and that it was a ruse because she had been abusive before; besides I had reported her to the police previously, when she poisoned me with insecticide.

I told her, I could not stand up immediately and that I would check the cooker when I finish eating. I advised her that as a Muslim woman wearing the black dress, she should not enter another man’s room, more so without his permission. Before I could finish speaking, she got violent and tore my shirt.

I asked her why she tore my shirt but she just started hitting me with slaps and punches. She is a big woman and every one of the punches hurt. I was just to stunned, that I did nothing to defend myself. I resorted to counting the blows and slaps aloud. When I had counted 25 blows and was hurting, I tried to block one of her punches and slaps. My hand must have touched her face. The three witnesses who were watching and had said nothing all the while, now shouted You hit her, you hit a woman.

Emboldened, she began to hit me with more punches and slaps. She bit me at least 2 or 3 times, with a very noticeable bite mark on my left forearm (As I write today, 02/06/05, the mark is still present). She left my room for theirs opposite, and returned with a kitchen knife. The knife had a blade at least 6 inches long and 2 inches wide and tapered from the base to the tip. She pressed the tip against my throat shouting you think you are special, I could just finish you off now, you black bastard (I am not sure if she called me black prick or black bastard or black cunt, she has called me all three before). I was just so scared but I put my faith in God.

She up my two pots of food, one chicken stew and the other okra soup and threw the contents on the floor of my room and the corridor. Then she ripped the door of my room off its hinges and destroyed other things like my clock.

The three witnesses were her brother, her relation or in-law (a young female) who had been staying with them for a few weeks and lastly, a co-tenant, a young man who had his hair dyed yellow ( Some days later he shaved his hair).

She is a big woman and I guess she would weigh about 90 or more kilograms, so her slaps and punches really hurt.

I have never given permission to her or any other person to enter my room. I have not been a friend to her or her family. Very occasionally, I might have said hello to her family members but that is about it.

After she had calmed down a bit, her brother came in and gave me a head butt. He said it was for hitting a woman despite witnessing what happened.

Her husband came in later. After discussing with his folks, he shouted at me that he was told I had hit a woman. I was just too shocked to answer back and kept quiet. He calmed down and proceeded with the co-tenant to clean the chicken stew stains from the corridor, stains that his wife had done.

At about 22:45 hours, very shocked, confused and in great pain, as I was going to the toilet, I saw the co-tenant and her bother in the corridor. I told them that one of the reason’s I did not call the police was that I felt she would go to jail. Behold, she emerged from behind and threw a glass of what smelt like alcohol on my face and shirt.

The landlady and her son soon arrived and in front of them, she punched me in the left eye, calling me a black cunt. I saw stars with that punch.

Not too long after, the police arrived.


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