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Friday, June 03, 2005

U.K. 2005: prior boasting by her husband: 'even if you report the matter to the police, nothing will happen!'


a) Previously she poisoned me.

In February 2005, I went to the police station and reported that my neighbour and her brother, both of whom live with her husband in the room opposite mine had been poisoning me.

Both of them had been poisoning me with insecticide, spraying it around me so many times especially if I go to cook in the kitchen. Once I start cooking, one of them would come into the kitchen and see some imaginary insect and begin to spray insecticide. By the time I return to my room to eat, they would have sprayed the corridor and my room.

At the police station, the duty officer took a statement from me and gave me a reference number. I asked for a copy of my complaint but he refused to give me one.

The next day I was concerned that the police had not even come to the house to question the assailant and her brother. I wrote a letter to the police.

Almost 3 weeks later, having not heard from the police, I wrote another letter to them. Till date, I am yet to receive a reply.

b) Previous harassment by the assailant and relations

I continued to receive harassment from the assailant, her family and the other co-tenant. This included verbal racial abuse, physically blocking the corridor to prevent me from passing, staining the shirts I washed and physical assaults.

As a Christian, I endured a lot. More than once, the assailant's brother and the co-tenanat assaulted me. This happened especially when they are drunk. They would taunt and seek to provoke me as if wanting me to fight with them but by the grace of God, I endured it. Her brother would come and switch off the cooker with my food cooking me standing by.

Also, I was fed up with a police force that did not investigate my complaint that they had poisoned me with insecticide.

c) Previous boast by assailant’s husband

I warned them that I am God’s child and the bible says 'touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm' but they would not listen.

On one occasion, I told the assailant's husband about the harassment I received from his folks that day. He replied that it was my word against three of them and that the police would believe them since they are three. I asked him if he had ever heard of a lie detector test he replied no but that it is not relevant. I told him to go to the library and read about it.

On another occasion a few days before she battered me, I told her husband that I would report his folks to the police. He replied: I am very well connected. My brother works at the police station. Even if you report any matter to the police, nothing will happen.


Well, hold your breath, you are in for much stronger shocks that register 10 on the richter scale.

You will soon see the destructive power of secret cults.

But do not over estimate their power. They are satanic agents, out to destroy. But their power (if you call the ability to destroy power, I don't) is far below the power of Jesus Christ.

If you truly worship God, then they are under your power as well.


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